Meet Megg

It all started with my initials. MEB, but there was already a photographer that had claimed that webpage. So I went with MEB's, it seemed like a good enough fit.

Twelve years ago, I took my 18 month old baby to a department store to be photographed. It was a nightmare, and I vowed to never put myself or my child through the trauma of that sort ever again. Every time I saw that image, it just made me angry. Children aren't made to sit and be still for perfection. They are perfect in the candid beauty of their lives and it's amazing to see their personalities emerge just through interacting with them.



Thankfully, my personal journey of photography began to emerge at the same time that DSLR cameras became popular. At the time, we were living in St Louis and one of my best friends was also interested in learning photography. We had a lot of playdates where we chased our kids around parks with our cameras. My husband was in grad school at the time and when he would come home from school and late night study sessions, I would head up the street to the mall and read photography books til they kicked me out. I would take online classes on lighting and composition and watch free webinars LIVE so that they would have a audience, and scheduled it around nap time. I also took the time to shadow an amazing lady who taught me a lot of how to set folks at ease and still capture great shots. I loved photography so much that by the time we finished school and came back home to set up shop, I knew I wanted to make it a business.

I am a TN girl to the core. I was born here, met and married my hubs, who is another local, and we are so grateful to still be surrounded by family. I went to college and got my bachelors degree in accounting and still use to help out with office book keeping. I love to read, and play cards, though not at the same time. I love watching Hallmark movies and consider the beach my second home. I am a wife and mom first and foremost. I have five kids. Yes, five kids. The keep me so happy and so busy at the same time. I spend most of my days running little people to dance, swim team, basketball or picking up from band practice. And laundry. I do lots and lots of laundry. I have mad calendaring and organizational skills to keep it all together. My little folks range in ages 12 to 1, so chances are, if you have kids, I have one close in age. It helps me to know what songs to sing and what shows to ask your kids about. I'm very much a professional on kid pop culture. I will do whatever I have to get little ones to smile. That includes acting like a clown quite regularly. No judgements please.


I love photography because I think that your family should be the artwork you are most proud of. I love the chance that I get to meet friends from all walks of life and try and capture those things that make an individual unique. I love working quickly, because I feel like you can get great shots without having to take hours. It makes it interesting to change quickly, and most dads and husbands I work with are so grateful. Through much study and millions of images, I've tried to capture the kind of moments I know I'd treasure forever. Your family is art. Love is art. My style is simple, yet classic, timeless. Over the years, my name MEB's has gone from my initials to Making Everyday Beautifully Simple. The simple moments in life are you living your best life. Love and relationships in their most simple form are completely beautiful. I try in all my sessions to capture your beautifully simple moments.